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Located in a unique setting, the Village-living experience in Middle Lake is a mixture of “farm life” and “lake life” along with business and work opportunities. A walk down Centre Street takes you to Lucien Lake Regional Park where family- friendly recreation, swimming, water sports and fishing are a way of life. As part of the Parkland belt in Saskatchewan, the Village is surrounded by forests and lakes where wildlife, birds and fish abound. A peaceful, safe, country-style living situation combined with busy, fully technically-connected community members gives Middle Lake’s Village life the best of both worlds!

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Life in the Village of Middle Lake

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Life in Middle Lake Village is an experience with two parameters – a rich, ever- changing agricultural history on one side and new housing developments combined with summer resort-style living on the other. Within the two parameters are opportunities for anyone looking to find a friendly, affordable living situation where children play safely with their neighborhood friends, local jobs can be found and the entrepreneurial, work-from-home business spirit is encouraged.

Two important aspects of Village life have dramatically improved in recent years – water and internet. The Village invested in a reverse osmosis system which means our drinking water is pristine, we don’t own water softeners and there is no hard-water residue on dishes, dishwashers, sinks, faucets or bathtubs. A cell tower just outside the Village ensures excellent cell phone service and high-speed internet services the Village.

There are a variety of jobs available through farms, businesses and organizations, with two of the largest being:

Check out Middle Lake’s full list of local businesses and organizations.

A unique aspect of life in Middle Lake is its down-the-road proximity to Lucien Lake Regional Park. The fresh water lake is spring fed with excellent water quality. It’s a great lake for water sports and summers are spent swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, water skiing, knee boarding, wake-boarding and fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike and Perch. A family-fun winter event on the lake is the Annual Fishing Derby.

A new development called Water’s Edge on the west side of Lucien Lake has increased the energy in Middle Lake and the surrounding area as more than 100 new homes housing full and part-time residents have been built within the last 10 years.

A new 14,000 ft Multi-Plex in Middle Lake houses the Village office, 2 retail spaces and 3 different size meeting rooms and halls to accommodate a large variety of events. Full-service campsites are also available on the Multi-Plex grounds. The development of a new Three Lakes Cultural Heritage Hub situated in Middle Lake, is highlighting the mixture of past with present, used with new, locals with visitors and bringing together the older and younger generations to share and appreciate each other’s stories and talents.

Family life in Middle Lake can be charmingly simple or busily fast-paced; whichever you may prefer. A K-12 school, a playschool for pre-schoolers, Awana children’s program, Youth Group, 4-H, bowling, sports programs, music and dance lessons and a Catholic, Gospel and Lutheran church are all part of Middle Lake’s Village experience!

For additional information on Middle Lake and the surrounding rural municipality, check out Three Lakes Economic Development Region at www.TLEDR.ca.